Cereal with orange juice? This is how Tropicana will celebrate International Orange Juice Day

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There are ancient traditions, such as the one that indicates that the cereal is eaten with milk. It doesn’t matter if they are corn flakes, rice or wheat, what tradition says is that you have to accompany them with milk, right? Tropicana , the North American manufacturer of fruit drinks, challenges that idea with the launch of Tropicana Crunch , an almond and honey cereal that should be eaten with orange juice.


And it is not a simple occurrence: the brand says it has consulted a study by Wakefield Research that confirms that more than 15 million people in the United States have tried this combination and that more than 52 million would be willing to do so . Through a press release, the company explained: “Half of the adults who poured orange juice on their cereal did so because they thought it would taste good, and more than one in three who tried it did so because they loved it.” orange juice and they thought it would be a good combination.”

Tropicana Crunch is made with powdered milk, buttermilk and honey and will be launched on Wednesday, May 4 in the framework of International Orange Juice Day and the launch challenges consumers to prepare their minds and cereal plates. for an “unforgettable breakfast experience”. The company did not explain if it is a limited edition or a product that will remain on the market for a longer time. Would you cheer up?

This is not the first time that Tropicana has surprised the market with a product that breaks paradigms. Just a few months ago, the company launched a limited edition of orange-flavored toothpaste on the market in partnership with the company Dynamic Blending Specialists to celebrate National Tooth Brushing Day (November 1 in the United States).

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